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Printed electrionics

Printing the Future: Materials for the next generation of printed electronics

Electronics are ubiquitous in our modern lives and are normally based on high temperature, vacuum processed devices on silicon wafers or glass panels, in the case of displays. This results in rigid, fragile and expensive devices. Printed Electronics using lisicon® products by EMD Performance Materials are different. They allow low temperature printing of electronic devices at high throughput on plastic substrates. This will revolutionize manufacturing techniques in the electronics industry. Such technologies will enable freedom of size, form factor and application architecture opening up new applications such as fully flexible and rollable displays.

EMD Performance Materials – A Science & Technology Leader
EMD Performance Materials is a leading supplier of printable organic semiconductor and dielectric materials for organic electronics and provides stable, high performance organic electronic materials in ready-to-use, easily processable formulations.  Formulation strategies have been implemented to target performance, printability and stability. lisicon® products are developed to be compatible with mass production techniques, including spin coating, inkjet printing, slot die coating, gravure/flexographic printing and traditional photolithographic processes. 

Collaborations & Partnerships
Our reputation in the OE area is founded on the capability to develop application-oriented formulations with a customer-focused approach. Our material combinations and formulations are optimised to support customer application and process specifications.

lisicon® - Making the future flexible
Material offerings by EMD Performance Materials include organic semiconductor and dielectric materials for organic thin film transistors (OTFT) which enable fully flexible display concepts as well as multiple functionality and complex circuitry. 
Other key applications include organic photovoltaics (OPV) and organic photodetectors/sensors. 
More information about OPV topics here 

The future…
Printed electronics will help to drive the Internet of Things by enabling the ultra-high volume and mass customisation requirements that realise the promise of ubiquitous connectivity and ambient intelligence. lisicon® – Printing the future!

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