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OLED Materials – for Revolutionary High-Performance Displays

livilux® – Materials made in Germany

Our broad range of livilux® OLED materials enables you to make light come alive! Whether modern materials for vacuum evaporation processes or inks for printing processes: As a leading technology partner, we transform innovation into marketable products and offer a unique portfolio of premium materials for OLEDs – from well-established materials to cutting-edge innovations, from R&D samples to industrial-scale production.

A far-reaching effect. livilux® for vaporization.

Today, vacuum thermal evaporation is the most common manufacturing technology for OLEDs. For peak performance, highly purified molecules are necessary. Our livilux® OLED materials are produced using cutting-edge technology, purified in multiple steps, and tested for quality in state-of-the-art laboratories. 

livilux® OLED materials for vaporization cover a broad range: 

  • Hole transport materials
  • Electron transport materials
  • Matrix materials
  • Emitter materials
  • Hole and electron blocking materials

Make it large - livilux® for printing.

OLED inks have the potential to revolutionize display and lighting production. Inkjet-printed large-size OLEDs are no longer a dream! livilux® OLED inks combine the benefits of evaporable materials with the advantages of solution processing, while retaining the excellent physical properties of evaporable materials.

The livilux® OLED inks range encompasses:

  • Hole transport inks
  • Hole injection inks
  • Emitter inks

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