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OLED Materials – for Revolutionary High-Performance Displays

OLED Materials – for Revolutionary High-Performance Displays

Organic light emitting diodes – OLEDs for short – have opened up whole new dimensions in display technology. They allow displays with brilliant colors and sharp picture quality that catch the eye from every angle, as well as being very energy efficient and long-lasting. As a leading manufacturer, EMD Performance Materials offers a complete portfolio of premium materials for OLED displays under the livilux® brand name. These include small molecules for vacuum processing and soluble material systems for printing processes.

More than ten years of experience in manufacturing OLED materials and a strong portfolio of global patents give EMD Performance Materials a solid foundation for its range of high-purity and high-stability materials that are customized to meet customer requirements precisely. Furthermore, EMD Performance Materials cooperates closely with market leaders and is a reliable partner in the development of innovative materials for the future technology of OLEDs.

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