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OLED Interview

OLED Technology: For Innovations in the Display and Lighting Industry

Displays and lighting are mass markets with substantial opportunities for growth – as long as manufacturers focus on innovative organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). EMD Performance Materials helps manufacturers to develop premium products with cutting-edge high-performance OLED materials.

Paving the way for a revolution in displays
Long-lasting, high performance screens with brilliant colors and high contrast are the future of display technology – and EMD Performance Materials supplies the innovative OLED materials these displays require. OLEDs are already in use today, primarily in the display screens of top of the line cell phones. But that’s not all – OLEDs stand out from other technologies as they offer many advantages like excellent optical properties and a low power consumption for mobile applications, and have the potential to revolutionize the entire display market. Potential applications range from simple passive-matrix monochrome and area-color to active-matrix full-color displays.

Innovative lighting applications: homogeneous light distribution, with vibrant colors and transparency
In addition to displays, new lighting applications are also reaping the benefits of OLED technology making new, unique light sources possible. Our OLED-materials ensure a wide spectrum of colors and transparency in "Off" mode. OLED lighting devices offer especially high performance and are practical too, because unlike classic light sources, they are not a point source. Instead, characteristic for OLED-devices is a very homogeneous light distribution ideal for general-space illumination and large-area light sources. As well, OLEDs are extremely efficient, which keeps their energy consumption down significantly.

livilux® for consistently high OLED quality
EMD Performance Materials offers a wide range of OLED materials for displays  and lighting  applications under the livilux® brand name. The product range comprises state-of-the-art Small Molecules for evaporation processing and solution processable materials for printing applications. Thanks to this, EMD Performance Materials is able to develop consistently high quality products for a wide range of applications with livilux®. They enable the leading display and lighting manufacturers to realize innovations in premium products – top performance and long lasting thanks to livilux®.

Dr. Udo Heider, Vice President of the OLED business division at EMD Performance Materials, speaks about the product portfolio, the advantages of the materials and the future of the OLED market in an interview with Chief Editor Ron Mertens from  (one of the leading Internetpages in the field of OLED).

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