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44 inch 4K Ultra HD OLED TV from LG

OLED Display – the perfect Image from any Angle

OLED displays are extremely thin, lightweight and energy-efficient. They deliver a perfect image from every viewing angle – with extraordinary color brilliance and very high contrast. Due to the low energy consumption, small OLED displays are very well suited for use in portable devices, like smartphones, digital frames or digital cameras. OLED displays are also suitable for televisions, monitors, large-area video walls or car applications. Flexible or rollable displays for everyone are not a dream of the future anymore but already under development.
In contrast to LCDs, OLED displays do not require backlighting since each pixel generates light individually.
OLED inkjet printing is a cost effective way to produce large OLED Displays. OLED inks can be precisely deposited onto a surface with an efficient use of materials. No shadowmasks are needed. When compared to the OLED vapor deposition process, OLED inkjet printing is a less complex process and can be done at room temperature.

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