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Display – Performance Materials


EMD Performance Materials develops reactive mesogens (RM) under the licrivue® brand. These are reactive molecules which have similar optical properties to liquid crystals. The reactive mesogen formulations improve image quality and are well suited to use in energy-saving displays and 3D screens.

Modern LCD applications generally have to meet very high standards of performance, including optimum viewing angle dependence of contrast and color, clear depiction of 3D images and color-neutral, non-reflecting properties for OLED displays. Thanks to the wide range of anisotropic properties of reactive mesogens and of the polymer films formed by them, they are well suited to the application of optical components such as in flat screens – especially for 3D LCD televisions and notebook computers but also for PC monitors, mobile applications such as, mobile phones, or navigation devices.

EMD Performance Materials predominantly develops licrivue® RM materials for specific customer requirements.