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licrivisionTM are innovative liquid crystal mixtures from EMD Performance Materials for liquid crystal windows (LCW) – switchable windows and facade elements. LCW materials can be controlled continuously as needed. Once installed, they can replace conventional sun protection such as awnings or blinds. licrivisionTM can be used with any standard glass and installed in any standard frame or facade.

Via invisible conductive layers, a low voltage controls the position of the liquid crystals and with it that of the color particles in between. They allow more or less daylight to pass through depending on their orientation – for individual light management and the best possible sun protection.

LCW technologies from EMD Performance Materials give architects and designers the greatest possible design freedom for modern facades or for renovating existing buildings. Their function leaves a lot of leeway when it comes to the shape and size of the area. Complementing the neutral standard color, the LCW liquid crystal mixtures are also available in a range of other colors, for even more design options.

The advantages of licrivisionTM at a glance:
  • Compatible with all standard frames and curtain walls
  • Continuously controllable as needed
  • Individual light management
  • Individual sun protection
  • New architectural design freedom
  • Variety of shapes, sizes and colors
  • Can replace conventional sun and light protection