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Our energy efficient solution: Switchable windows instead of blinds at the BAU 2017

We presented our switchable, liquid crystal window modules - for the first time in triangular format - at the world’s premier exhibition for architecture, materials and systems. It takes only one click to block excessive sun or to provide privacy. Our liquid crystal window technology makes this possible.

What are the benefits of our technology?

  • Continuously variable witching within seconds
  • Freedom for design
  • Compatible with all standard frames and curtain walls
Switching within seconds – transparent and color-neutral: Brought to you by the innovative liquid crystal window technology licrivision™. Interested in further information? Contact us at

Liquid Crystal Windows – Transparent Transitions

Architectural studies with the new LCW technology

“Liquid Crystal Windows – Transparent Transitions” is the title of the new release from the row “Displaying Futures”. The book presents architectural studies with the new LCW technology, by the renowned architectural firms realities:united from Berlin and Höweler + Yoon from Boston, among others. It was presented at the BAU 2017 for the first time. Are you interested in those studies? Contact us at


Switchable windows – attractive and energy-saving

Modern architecture loves glass elements. Their transparency brings the outdoors in. Switchable windows and elements made from intelligent glass change their translucency in seconds at the touch of a button and yet remain transparent – for an unchanged view and a pleasant indoor climate. They also offer architects and designers unprecedented freedom in their designs, with attractive and energy-saving windows and elements for glass facades and curtain walls. 
Liquid crystals from EMD Performance Materials for modern window technology
As a pioneer of liquid crystal technology, EMD Performance Materials has now also developed liquid crystals for intelligent liquid crystal windows (LCW): licrivision™. These turn conventional glazing into switchable surfaces that can be dimmed continuously depending on the light conditions – either completely or in segments. 

Unlimited freedom for design
Switchable windows offer the greatest possible freedom in the use of glass, both in new constructions and in the renovation of older, historic buildings with large glass areas. They eliminate the need for additional sunshades to protect against summer heat, which often spoil the look of the building. Liquid crystal windows with licrivision™ means designs far beyond standard solutions: unconventional production and simple installation. Even irregular parts of a facade can be turned into sun protection elements. And there are almost no limits on the dimensions, either – the technology and switching speed work regardless of the size of the element. A choice of colors enables completely new overall concepts with intelligent glass for modern architecture.

Low costs, long-lasting benefits
Investment in LCW technology pays off. The glazing is all but maintenance-free and saves on costs for additional sun shades such as sun sails or blinds, as well as their maintenance. Switchable windows are also real energy savers: They reduce the heat input from sunlight and minimize the need for air conditioning – for sustainable building management in new and even older buildings with large glass areas.

Intelligent windows: dynamic and long-lasting
Windows with LCW technology from EMD Performance Materials regulate the translucency of the pane to visible light and solar radiation using invisible conductive coatings. A switching process defines the orientation of the licrivision™ technology's liquid crystal molecules on the area – immediately and consistently. Via a building management system, the panes can be connected to various sensors, such as for measuring the brightness. But they can also be regulated individually. 

LCW technology – a trailblazer for modern architecture and sustainable building management.