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Brighter for longer thanks to LCD technology UB-FFS

Modern, high quality smartphones and tablets run longer before requiring to be recharged. Their displays shine brighter with increasing resolution and sharper images. This trend is enabled by our UB-FFS technology. Ultra-Brightness Fring Field Switching – these are materials of advanced technology that use energy more efficiently.

Since more than 110 years liquid crystals and Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, have always been linked. As pioneers we have significantly promoted LCD technology since the 1970s which nowadays people around the world use in multiple display applications and as a matter of course. UB-FFS is a further development of our FFS technology, facilitates a very uniform visual impression from different perspectives and lends displays their touch screen capabilities.

Without UB-FFS technology in our customized licristal® liquid crystal materials many modern, ultra flat smartphones or tablets simply wouldn´t be there: The specially arranged liquid crystals allow brighter transmittance of the backlight which illuminates every display but at the same time consumes the greater part of the energy every display requires. By the optimized use of light UB-FFS technology cuts the energy demand of every display by a third and simultaneously improves the image quality. The result: longer runtime, brighter displays.

Users of smartphones and tablets probably value our development unconsciously which enhances mobile devices of all renown manufacturers around the world.  Experts treasure them also: We already received famous awards for UB-FFS, amongst them the 2014 Meyer-Galow-Award for chemistry and the German Innovation Award 2015 as well as the SID Award.

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