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Display – Performance Materials

LCD technology UB-FFS

Brighter displays with a longer runtime – thanks to our UB-FFS technology. UB-FFS stands for „Ultra-Brightness Fringe Field Switching“ – the further development of FFS technology which exhibits an excellent viewing angle dependence for electronic device with liquid crystal displays. Probably this LCD technology also hides in your smartphone or tablet PC – and you don´t even think about the fact how convenient it is to be able to perfectly see everything on the display no matter from which angle you look at it.

UB-FFS is the further development and the energy boost for mobile devices: The layer of liquid crystals allows a 15 percent higher transmittance of the backlight and uses this spare energy for an improved image presentation. This way devices with UB-FFS use significantly less electricity. Their batteries last longer – tablets and smartphones need fewer “pit-stops”. 
UB-FFS Switching Mode

Switching mode of UB-FFS

The pixel structures of UB-FFS technology exactly match those of FFS. However, the preferred orientation in UB-FFS is virtually perpendicular to the strip-type pixel electrodes, being rotated by 90° in comparison to FFS. The same is true of the orientation of the polarizers. In addition, liquid crystal materials with negative dielectric anisotropy are used. The electrical dipole moment shoos almost perpendicular to the molecular axis. 

In the “off” state the molecules are aligned perpendicular to the electrode in the plane. In the “on” state the molecules switch parallel to the electrode within the plane owing to the vertical dipole moment. All in all the molecules are able to remain better in the plane and will line up much less along the electrode edges compared to FFS technology. As the result they will allow a significantly higher light transmittance per pixel.
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