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Display – Performance Materials
Schematic picture of the orientation of liquid crystal molecules in a PS-VA display with and without applied voltage.

PS-VA Technology for LC Displays

PS-VA stands for polymer stabilized vertical alignment. With a special PS-VA process step, this type of VA technology VA technology ensures that the liquid crystal in its black state is not completely vertical, but has a slight inclination. This is called a 'tilt', and ensures that the direction in which the LC molecules switch is prescribed locally.

Extremely fast switching times
As well as extremely fast switching times, the lack of protrusions (see MVA) increases the light transmission of the displays in its white state by up to 25 percent compared to conventional VA displays. This reduces the energy needed for backlighting – one of the most expensive components and the largest energy consumer in an LCD.

PS-VA technology has been in commercial use since 2008.