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Display Week 2016 | ”The Perfect Pixel”

“The Perfect Pixel“ – cutting-edge materials for displays and more

It certainly was a luminous eye catcher – our appearance with our new brand design at Display Week 2016 in the end of May at Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco. No less attractive is our portfolio of advanced and partly award-winning technologies and materials we presented with the slogan „The Perfect Pixel“ at our 16th presence at the fair of the international Society for Information Display (SID). We are amongst the innovation drivers in the industry and our materials give displays higher resolution and more contrast, make them more energy-efficient, slimmer and even lower their manufacturing costs.

Innovative technologies
Our SA-VA technology optimizes production processes and reduces costs for the sake of an eco-friendly production. Our UB-FFS technology ((Verlinkung mit Webseite)) supports the trend to ever slimmer smartphones and tablets along with increasing resolution and image display: Devices run longer, displays shine brighter. This highly decorated development (Meyer-Galow-Preis 2014, German Innovation Award 2015, SID Award 2015) we now refine for non-mobile applications with a slim design. 

Display characteristics are also optimized by our Blue Phase and Uniform Lying Helix (ULH) technologies.

Novel materials
Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDS) more and more illuminate the modern world. They can be found in smartphones or smart watches, convince in OLED TV sets with their natural image display and as transparent or flexible OLED displays – no end in sight. Their very natural lighting experience makes them an increasing choice for lighting: OLDEs set accents in thin and extensive light panels that can be bent like paper and offer automakers a high design potential for tail lights. Our brand livilux offers an enormous innovation potential with products for electron and hole transport, matrix materials as well as emitters for evaporation processes and OLED inks for printing processes. 

Displays achieve high contrast values with our new +C compensation films of our brand licrivue based on reactive mesogens – for an excellent contrast that is independent of viewing angle. At Display Week we presented our broad portfolio of materials which we constantly develop – to give you everything you need for your displays as a one-stop shop.

Advanced applications
Do displays have to be flat? Why should LC materials only change monitors? With our strategic initiative „LC 2021“ we are opening new fields of application for liquid crystals. For example free-form displays that adapt to various settings like as displays for cars. Or liquid crystal windows (LCW) : They can be switched from light and transparent to dark within seconds and not only make an attractive alternative for shading but also offer new possibilities for the design of façades. 

New Merck, KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, promotional award
Pioneering display applications are something we want to encourage. Therefore our company introduced the newly developed Displaying Futures Award. The award worth 50,000 US$ shall stimulate the innovative potential of doctoral students, professors and start-ups.