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Display – Performance Materials

Liquid Crystals by EMD Performance Materials Bring Communications to Life

A brilliant home theater experience or crystal-clear road maps displayed on your navigation system: Liquid crystals from EMD Performance Materials work their magic in creating a sharp picture on monitors – which we cannot do without in our daily routine marked by communications. They come in ultra-flat big screen televisions, as well as in mobile phones, electronic toys and digital cameras. EMD Performance Materials develops special liquid crystal mixtures for all types of display technology. With more than 40 years of experience in the field of liquid crystals, EMD Performance Materials is the world's leading manufacturer of materials needed for liquid crystal displays (LCDs: liquid crystal displays). EMD Performance Materials also produces materials for organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs).
As an innovation leader, EMD Performance Materials is constantly developing new technologies and markets for its customers in close cooperation with the research and development departments in the display industry. The advanced LCD materials and high-quality liquid crystal mixtures developed specifically for customers by the EMD Performance Materials laboratories are also suitable for making future applications and ideas a reality

We make communication visible

We make communication visible®

The world of modern communication technologies is flat – whether it's a PC, a brilliant 3D television, a smart cell phone, the clear display on a navigation device or many other display applications. They make our lives more convenient – we can stay in contact while staying mobile. It's also fun when your cell phone, notebook etc. work perfectly.

The latest technology for high performance displays
Flat displays are fast, save energy and show razor sharp images. Three technolo-gies are predominantly responsible: LCD, OLED and plasma. EMD Performance Materials is the market and technological leader in materials for LCDs and a competent partner for OLED materials. A wide range of technologies are used in modern displays, depending on the requirements of the end device. Read more about the most important LCD technologies and OLED technology.


Liquid Crystals for each LCD Technology

Liquid crystals form the basis of modern flat screens. EMD Performance Materials develops special liquid crystal mixtures for each LCD technology and is constantly developing new technologies as the market leader. Two particular properties of liquid crystals are used for LCDs: On the one hand, they flow like liquid, but they also have the physical behavior of a crystal – anisotropic or directionally dependent. To ensure that an LC display actually works, a layer of liquid crystal mixture with a uniform orientation must be present.

You can find out how an LC display is structured and which technologies are used in LCDs here.

Leading in Display Materials

Leading in Display Materials

High performance displays are fast, save energy and show razor sharp images. Premium materials from EMD Performance Materials make a contribution which allows these complex demands to be met. Active for over 40 years in the research and development of liquid crystals for displays, EMD Performance Materials is an innovation and market leader in this field today. As well as liquid crystals which are used in a wide range of display technologies EMD Performance Materials also develops materials for organic light diodes (OLEDs). In the field of organic electronics, EMD Performance Materials provides complete material solutions for organic thin film transistors in display applications.

The portfolio also includes formulations with reactive mesogens, which are a key component in 3D displays. In addition, EMD Performance Materials' product range includes printable etching pastes for structuring touch panels in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. To allow display surfaces to be less sensitive to scratches and more convenient to use, premium surface functions with anti-fingerprint and easy-to-clean properties are also used. High quality phosphor materials for LED backlights make ultra-thin and energy-saving LCDs possible.