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Brilliant Television Experience

TV devices are multifunctional. As well as watching TV in the conventional way, users surf the Internet or look at photos. In doing so, they expect crystal clear images in brilliant colors and high definition quality, of course as well as natural presentation of moving images, high contrast, short switching times and, last but not least, low energy consumption. EMD Performance Materials tackles these expectations with intensive research and the constant development of premium materials for LC displays. 

Liquid crystal mixtures from EMD Performance Materials for various TV display technologies
These sophisticated LCD televisions are made possible by liquid crystal technologies such as IPS, FFS or variations of VA and, here especially, PS-VA technology. Working closely with display manufacturers, EMD Performance Materials develops innovative, customer-specific liquid crystal mixtures for all technologies under the brand name licristal®.
You can find out how an LC display works in our interactive Display Explorer.

Higher contrasts − lower energy consumption
Combined with innovative backlights such as dimmable LEDs, these technologies also offer improved brightness, an image with better contrast and higher color saturation on ultra flat television displays, and energy efficiency, since the power consumption is also lower. LCD manufacturers are opening up new design options. The super fast, modern flat displays for televisions are making a big splash – and bringing fascinating cinema experiences into the living room. Even 3D television is possible – razor sharp. All thanks to premium LCD materials from EMD Performance Materials. 

Innovations are our goal: We are constantly developing our technological services and always improving them. Our forward-looking LCD materials and high quality liquid crystal mixtures are already ahead of today's demands on displays, thus paving the way for more sophisticated LCD applications.

OLED materials for TV displays
OLED materials are used in the production of TV displays, too. OLED TVs are just a few millimeters thick and energy efficient. In the future, OLED technology will be an interesting alternative to LCD and plasma televisions, since OLED displays are self-emitting and therefore need no backlight. They deliver a perfect image from every viewing angle, and the color and contrast are outstanding. Under the brand name livilux®, EMD Performance Materials offers a comprehensive range of OLED materials. 

You can find more information on OLED technology here.