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Display Touchpanel Applications
Composition of a touchscreen

Touch Screen – User-Friendly and Easy to Read

Clicking a mouse, typing on a keyboard – all a thing of the past since the touch screen started following every command with just a gentle touch of the finger. The touch panel is a particular hit for small devices, since it means much more space for the display. And cell phones, tablet PCs and navigation devices can be operated easily and intuitively.

How touch recognition works
A touch screen consists of a display and a sensor, which must be connected together so that a finger or a stylus can control the functions on the touch-sensitive screen. The sensor replaces the mechanical keyboard. This allows new applications as well as a completely new device design with larger displays.

Resistive and capacitive touch screens
There are two key ways touch screens work: Resistive touch screens determine touch through a gentle pressure and are predominantly used in entertainment electronics. Capacitive touch screens  react to even slight contact and are used mainly in premium products such as high quality smart phones.

Structuring of touch screens – efficient and environmentally friendly
For the manufacture of touch screen sensors, with the isishape® product series, EMD Performance Materials develops screen printable etching pastes, which make the previously complex process significantly simpler while also consuming fewer materials. This allows touch panels to be structured in an efficient, cost-saving and environmentally friendly way.

Anti-fingerprint and easy to clean
Touch screens are made to be touched – but the content on the display needs to be clear, too. Sophisticated materials from EMD Performance Materials functionalize the touch surface so that almost no dirt can cling to it. Fingerprints are easy to remove. The reduced surface friction makes displays less sensitive to scratches and improves operation comfort. With its outstanding anti-fingerprint and easy-to-clean properties, WRPatinal® from EMD Performance Materials is now being used in smart phones and tablet PCs.