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Tablet PC – Online Always and Everywhere

Lying on the sofa reading an ebook, surfing the Internet while out and about or showing off holiday photos at a friend's house – tablet PCs are certainly fun. This slim all-rounder fills the gap between a notebook and a smart phone. Most tablets connect to the Internet and other PCs wirelessly. Software can be loaded onto them using apps. In this sense, tablet PCs are an enhancement of a conventional notebook, but they function in a more similar way to a smart phone. The LC display also reacts to a gentle touch with a finger or input pen, but with a size of between 7 and 11 inches, it is in the familiar format of a book or magazine.

Liquid crystals from EMD Performance Materials for tablet displays
It is high quality liquid crystal materials from EMD Performance Materials which conjure a pin sharp image from every viewing angle and brilliant colors onto the tablet display. In order to improve battery lifetime, we are continuously developing new liquid crystal mixtures to increase light transmission and make LC displays more energy efficient. IPS (in-plane switching) is predominantly used for this application. Fast switching times ensure that the tablet PC also shows videos and films in top quality.