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Small and Medium Sized LCDs – Strong Performance

They certainly hold their place alongside their colleagues in large sized televisions, for example: Small and medium sized LCDs form their own strong market segment. They are found in digital cameras, MP3 players and navigation systems, but the most popular representative of small displays is the cell phone. As a smart phone, our day-to-day life is now unimaginable without this mobile all-rounder. Medium sized LCDs add a few inches. Typical applications include tablet PCs, digital photo frames and displays in cars.

LCD materials from EMD Performance Materials for the highest display requirements
Big or small, all applications have one thing in common: The displays must meet high demands specific to each application. That's why EMD Performance Materials develops high quality LC materials. They allow a razor sharp image in brilliant colors from every viewing angle, as well as short switching times and, last but not least, low energy consumption.