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Mobile All-Rounders – Cell Phones with High Performance Displays

Internet surfers, managers, technology fans or occasional users: Today's huge cell phone market has the right device for everyone. Smart phones are the key trend. These mobile all-rounders are not just telephones and wireless Internet connections, but also make our everyday lives easier as diaries, address books, navigation devices and video cameras. With the growing functionality, the demands of displays are also increasing.

LCD materials from EMD Performance Materials for highest display requirements
As a pioneer and innovation leader in the field of LCDs, EMD Performance Materials has offered premium materials from the very beginning, making mobile communication possible in the first place. This includes above all liquid crystals and reactive mesogens. They allow fast switching times, high contrast and low energy consumption.

Anti-fingerprint and easy to clean
Innovative solutions for a clean display that always looks new are a result of intensive research work. EMD Performance Materials offers sophisticated materials for anti-fingerprint and easy-to-clean coatings. The reduced surface friction makes displays less sensitive to scratches and improves operation comfort. Touch screens with such coatings are easy to clean and can be used with a very smooth “touch and feel”.

How an LC display works.

OLED display: Perfect images from every viewing angle
Modern cell phones are increasingly making use of OLED displays. After all, OLED dis-plays need no backlight and only consume energy where information is to be visible. EMD Performance Materials is a reliable partner in the development and production of high quality and forward-looking OLED materials. These organic light emitting diodes ensure a perfect image from every viewing angle and very high contrast. With extremely high switching times, OLED displays are especially suited to fast image reproduction while also saving energy – an invaluable benefit for smart phone users who are often on the move.

As well as in high performance mobiles and smart phones, OLED displays are also used today in video game consoles and increasingly in tablet PCs and TV screens.

OLED technology is paving the way for high performance displays.