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3D – Close Enough to Touch

The third dimension brings razor sharp images onto the monitor – and fascinates viewers with three-dimensional film experiences in their own homes. 3D is one of the most exciting technology trends for modern displays. People and objects are brought forward out of the image background and appear to stand in the middle of the viewer's room, close enough to touch. Three-dimensional perception currently works mainly with special glasses: The polarization glasses familiar from cinemas all over the world, or special shutter glasses for a 3D spectacle in your own living room.

Materials by EMD Performance Materials make 3D visible
Whether polarization or shutter technology, the new generation of screens uses liquid crystals or reactive mesogens from EMD Performance Materials. For 3D displays, which are based on structured optical films and work in conjunction with passive polarization glasses, EMD Performance Materials offers ready-to-use reactive mesogens under the brand name licrivue®. 3D displays suitable for shutter glasses require very high frame rates: High speed liquid crystal mixtures from EMD Performance Materials fulfill exactly this requirement.

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