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OLEDs are the key to a new generation of displays

OLED Displays – Bright, Brilliant, Razor-Sharp Images from every Viewing Angle

OLEDs – organic light emitting diodes – are the key to a new generation of displays. OLED displays make a big impression on the viewer thanks to their high-contrast representation, brilliant colors and razor-sharp images from any angle. But it's not down to the visual impression alone – the technical, economic and ecological advantages are another reason why the thin, compact OLED displays have such a bright future.

The key benefits of OLED displays at a glance:

Razor-sharp images
OLED technology is based on the principle of self-emission, in which each pixel of the display emits light precisely within the desired color spectrum. The result is brilliant, crystal-clear images a cut above the rest.

Perfect images from every observation angle
OLED displays appear equally bright and colorful from any angle, as if you were viewing it face on. This freedom of observation angle makes OLED displays especially versatile and practical.

Superb brightness
As OLEDs have no need for polarizers or color filters, almost none of the emitted light is wasted. This makes OLED displays remarkably bright and backlight is not necessary. The effect is lower power consumption, no glare and a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Especially suited to video
Just like other diodes, OLEDs boast rapid response times of under a millisecond. 

Compact, thin and energy-saving
Light emitting OLEDs do not need any backlight, saving a lot of space and energy. The reason is that the small OLED pixels only emit light where something needs to be displayed.

Forward looking: flexible displays
The development of suitable transparent and flexible plastic substrates means there is nothing in the way of flexible OLED displays. In the future, these materials could make it possible to store large displays in small spaces, for example, or to use these displays where glass is not an option, such as integrated into clothing.