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Visit EMD Performance Materials at in-cosmetics 2012

Join thousands of cosmetics professionals and executives at in-cosmetics in Barcelona, Spain from April 17 to 19. Be the first to see a bunch of new pigments, explore concepts for dermocosmetics and find out how to combine sun and mosquito protection in an effective way. We cordially invite you to visit us at booth K16.

World of Dazzling Effects

World of Dazzling Effects

EMD Performance Materials is constantly adding new colors and effects to its sophisticated lines of pearlescent pigments and functional fillers.

Rainbows, gold, and satin – your new color stories
Based on synthetic mica, these versatile pigments have a very low heavy metal content and are a breeze to formulate with while conforming to all regulations and requirements. All pigments yield intense brilliance, ultimate color purity, extra luster, and amplified color effects:

  • Five new Timiron® SynBeam interference pigments let you explore the rainbow of colors in gold, copper, red, blue and violet. The particle size of these intensely shimmering pigments ranges from 5 to 40 µm. 
  • The new Colorona® SynRussian Gold boasts a strong golden shade. With a particle size between 5 and 40 µm, this pigment adds brilliant shine, a luxurious skin feel, and rich metallic sheen to all cosmetic applications.
  • The silverwhite pigment Timiron® SynWhite Satin provides a satin effect and comes as a clear white powder. It features a smaller particle size of 5 to 25 µm providing smooth skin feel.

The purity of these new pigments makes them suitable especially for applications on lips and around the eye. Like all of EMD Performance Materials’ raw materials, these exciting pigments in fashion-forward colors and with dramatic effects come with complete documentation and the dedicated support you need.

Dark and lustrous - Ronastar® Diamond Black
Take a very first look at Ronastar® Diamond Black at In-Cosmetics 2012!
This unique lustrous, very dark effect pigment will be launched in summer 2012. The dark cosmetic pigment gives products such as mascaras, eyeliners, eye shadows and nail polish a glamorous, incomparable shine and offers impressive covering power.

Soft focus effects – for instant perfection
The new functional filler RonaFlair® LDP White delivers an instant soft focus effect and backs up anti-aging claims.
The composition is based on white ceramic microspheres (2-20 µm), has no color impact on final cosmetic products and helps create picture-perfect porcelain skin – an effect that is particularly popular in Asia. Thanks to the advanced coating technology the microspheres scatter incident light, thus minimizing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Based on EMD Performance Materials’ proprietary measuring method you can yet offer your consumers measurable soft focus effects.

Unbeatable benefits for texture improvement
Also new to our functional filler family: RonaFlair® SynMica M. Thanks to its platelet structure RonaFlair® SynMica M provides virtually every cosmetic formulation with smooth and delicate textures as well as optimized wear properties.

World of Innovative Technologies

World of Innovative Technologies

Let our new kits inspire you! Explore your possibilities and check out e.g. our Freshness kit and No Surgery! kit. Easily incorporate these trends into your product line and excite your consumers with amazing marketing stories
“No Surgery!” kit:
The human body is already a thing of beauty. Any changes people want to make – whether it’s their appearance or correcting a skin disorder – can be done non-invasively. How? The road to perfection starts with perfect formulas – right here in our new No Surgery! kit.


As an alternative to…

  • liposuction, offer an anti-cellulite slimming gel with RonaCare® Rutinsulfate and RonaCare® Luremin® plus other ingredients to shape your body.
  • facelifts, launch a twice-daily anti-wrinkle moisturizer with RonaCare® Cyclopeptide-5.
  • laser surgery, suggest a BB cream with Eusolex® T-PRO and anti-brown spot lotion with Emblica®
  • scar removal, produce a soothing body butter with RonaCare® Tiliroside.

Time to freshen up: the Freshness kit
Busy people need a burst of freshness after a tiring journey, fun-filled night on the town or a long day at work. The handy ingredients here deliver a burst of freshness when it’s needed most, helping people stay active and alert. Take a look:

  • Energizing Fresh It Up shower gel kick-starts the day with a “cool water” fragrance. Timiron® Ice Crystal adds iridescent shimmer, while Oxynex® ST Liquid helps stabilize the turquoise colour of the shower gel.
  • Soothe Your Skin grapefruit body lotion features multiple RonaCare® active ingredients to keep skin in great shape. RonaCare® Tiliroside, for example, acts as a skin de-stressor. RonaFlair® SoftSphere ensures smooth application.
  • Refine Your Face daily moisturizer emulsion is packed with RonaCare® actives which help repair skin. RonaCare® AP helps keep the skin barrier intact. The addition of RonaFlair® White Sapphire means excellent skinfeel.
  • Kick Out the Radicals pomegranate foundation contains RonaFlair® Balance Red and Balance Blue to lend skin a healthy glow with just the right coverage.
  • Kiss the Crazy Tangerine lip balm boasts an invigorating tangerine scent and RonaCare® Bisabolol to soothe lips. The pearlescent pigment Timiron® Splendid Copper adds a discreet shimmer to the vivid orange colored lip balm.
World of Trendsetting Novelties

World of Trendsetting Novelties

Looking for new trends? Be informed by our Color Forecast Spring Summer 2013, find out how to combine sun care and mosquito protection, be surprised by the performance of RonaCare® AP in acne prevention...

Color Forecast Spring Summer 2013
The need to move forward and look ahead defines the new positive outlook for 2013. On one hand, there is a move to modernize fashion, creating styles that are very sporty or more design oriented. On the other hand, the lighter side of fashion looks to counter the serious mood with precious ornamentation in a festive and fun spirit. Beauty products picking up these directions featuring clean lines, new textures and glamour.


The season's four stories:


Wishing you a pleasant journey: the IR3535® trendy travel formulation novelties
Travel is certainly exciting, but it can be stressful, too – especially in hot or faraway locations with hazardous airborne pests! Designed to help travelers relax, sleep well and stay safe, our new IR3535® Must haves for travel kit is filled with ingredients that offer protection against insects such as the tiger mosquito as well as the sun. What we offer:

  • a 2-in-1 protective lotion that shields travelers against the sun and insects, containing IR3535®, Eusolex® OCR, Eusolex® 4360 and Eusolex® 9020
  • an easy-to-use, ethanol-free repellent spray featuring IR3535®
  • a roll-on repellent which uses cellulose to form a film and contains IR3535®
  • a repellent after-sun lotion formulated with IR3535®, RonaCare® Bisabolol and RonaCare® AP

With the full range of Eusolex® UV filters  and the UV-TITAN portfolio, the trend toward lightweight formulations for sensitive skin with high sun protection factors can easily be met.

See you in Barcelona!