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Welcome to EMD4Cosmetics

When beauty means passion, EMD Performance Materials’ ingredients are your choice.

  • Novel cosmetic ingredients,
  • Organic and inorganic UV filters as well as
  • Insect repellents

We supply a wide range of

  • Specialty fillers, effect pigments for decorative cosmetic and
  • Packaging to give your brand uniqueness.

Can EMD Performance Materials enhance beauty?

Our portfolio supports you with the following brands: Eusolex®, RonaCare®, RonaFlair®, Oxynex® and IR3535® featured by high quality and extraordinary efficacy.


Active Sunscreen Ingredients

Just as the shield is the symbol of protection, our active sunscreen ingredients offer state of the art protection against sun, and, when used with other sun protection measures, can reduce the risk of early skin aging caused by the sun, and keep the skin healthy. Therefore, protection is our mission.


Cosmetic Ingredients

With the tools of functional cosmetics you can create the perfect look for any trend and lifestyle, regardless of skin tone, type or age for skin perfection.


Insect Repellent

IR3535 is a bio-pesticide accepted by the U.S. EPA and is effective in repelling mosquitos that carry the Zika virus.


Cosmetic Pigments and Fillers

EMD Performance Materials' product range includes a broad selection of special effect pigments and functional fillers that enable you to incorporate every new trend and color scheme into your products. Benefit from our cosmetic pigments that can be used in all types of cosmetics and personal care applications to add color, luster, shimmer and shine. Our functional fillers improve the skin feel, wear properties and the application features of your finished product. E.g. RonaFlair® LDP and RonaFlair® M-Sphere add value to your products by instant wrinkle hiding and texture improvements.



The additives are basic materials that are nevertheless important for the final appearance of the finished cosmetic product. EMD Performance Materials' additives comprise buffers & neutralizing agents, humectants, solvents and other valuable raw materials.


Packaging Design Service

In cosmetics packaging, an attractive and emotionally appealing presentation is paramount.
Customers have high expectations. They expect colors and materials that radiate individuality and exclusivity. Product name, brand and appearance must present a consistent product personality.

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