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Weather-stable effect pigments – for lasting brilliance and color

Weather-Stable Effect Pigments – for Lasting Brilliance and Color

Wind and weather expose building facades, aircraft and automobiles to a number of strains, which are often extreme. Paints and coatings for exterior applications must be able to withstand rain, hail, snow, sunlight, heat and cold for a long time. To meet these quality requirements, EMD Performance Materials has developed its own range of weather-resistant effect pigments – for coatings with lasting brilliance and color.

Resistant thanks to additional coating layers
The weather-resistant varieties in our Xirallic®, Pyrisma®, Colorstream®, Iriodin®, and Miraval®  product families meet the coating industry's expectations of effect pigments for exterior applications at the highest level as proven over decades. It is an additional modification to the surface which makes the pigment particles so resistant and outstanding for exterior applications, such as in architecture and automotive coatings. In modern structural engineering, they give entire building facades that special something or accentuate individual components. For thin layer applications, such as in the automotive industry, components with additional surface treatment have two additional quality features: a tight particle size distribution with a reduced number of coarse grains, and narrow coloristic tolerance.

Also recommended for bathrooms and kitchens
Our specialists also recommend EMD Performance Materials' weather-resistant effect pigments for interior applications where products are exposed to particularly demanding conditions as e. g. moisture or mechanical stress. They are especially suited to refining coatings for furniture or fittings, in bathrooms or kitchens.