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Tivida® FL 2500: More gloss for critical surfaces

Tivida® FL 2500: More gloss for critical surfaces

The anionic fluorosurfactant Tivida® FL 2500 is at its best on critcial surfaces – especially on materials that already have a low surface tension or are difficult to clean. It reduces surface tension in water and solvent based formulations to extremely low values reached up to now only with chemistries containing long-chained fluorosurfactants (for more see know how). 

Effectively, but yet ecofriendly Tivida® FL 2500 improves performance in diverse applications like
  • Coatings on plastics or wood
  • Ink and graphic art
  • Adhesives
  • Specialty industrial coatings
  • Water and solvent based formulations

Due to its excellent environmental properties Tivida® FL 2500 allows coatings to be formulated according to EU Ecolabel for paints and varnishes.

The advantages of Tivida® FL 2500 at a glance:
  • Dynamic surface tension in water reaches values of 20 mN/m in just one second
  • Static surface tension reaches values of 18 mN/m
  • Improved wetting, better spreading, enhanced leveling
  • Increased gloss
  • Excellent pore penetration
  • More uniform print patterns
  • Minimizes cratering, even at low usage rates
  • No loss of intercoat adhesion, even at higher concentrations
  • Very low foaming behavior
  • Excellent environmental properties: non-toxic, no bioaccumulation

Catalog numberProductPackage sizes
100426Tivida® FL 22001 kg, 25 kg, 200 kg*
101724Tivida® FL 23001 kg, 25 kg, 200 kg*
102458Tivida® FL 25001 kg, 25 kg*
*Sample sizes also available
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