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Tivida® FL 2300 – The new High-Speed Fluorosurfactant

Tivida® FL 2300: High speed fluorosurfactant

The anionic fluorosurfactant Tivida® FL 2300 provides exceptionally fast lowering of surface tension. It is suitable for a broad spectrum of water and solvent based coating systems – especially for very fast drying coatings.

Due to its excellent environmental properties Tivida® FL 2300 allows coatings to be formulated according to EU Ecolabel for paints and varnishes.

The advantages of Tivida® FL 2300 at a glance:
  • Dynamic surface tension reaches values below 25 mN/m in less than 200ms bubble lifetime
  • Static surface tension can reach values of 20 mN/m
  • Improves wetting and leveling 
  • No loss of intercoat adhesion even at higher concentrations
  • Increased anti-blocking properties
  • Minimizes cratering
  • Very low foaming behavior
  • Excellent environmental properties: non-toxic, no bioaccumulation

Catalog numberProductPackage sizes
100426Tivida® FL 22001 kg, 25 kg, 200 kg*
101724Tivida® FL 23001 kg, 25 kg, 200 kg*
102458Tivida® FL 25001 kg, 25 kg*
*Sample sizes also available
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