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Tivida® FL Fluorosurfactants – Environmentally friendly high performance chemistry

Tivida® FL fluorosurfactants – ecofriendly high-performance Chemistry

Tivida® FL are the new, ecofriendly fluorosurfactants by EMD. They offer the approved benefits of surfactants for paints, coatings and printings – with excellent environmental properties at the same time.

Fluorosurfactants are established in diverse industrial applications: They
  • reduce surface tension to extrem low values 
  • help to avoid coating defects – especially on contaminated or difficult surfaces.
  • can improve leveling and gloss
  • do not show negative impact on adhesion and recoatability

Traditional materials and their degradation products can accumulate in plants, humans and animals. This has led to a ban on these long chain fluorosurfactants in Europe and the USA.

With Tivida® FL EMD succeeded in developing a whole new generation of fluorosurfactants with branched structure and very short perfluoroalkyl chains: They are among the shortest and most environmentally friendly products on the market – while nevertheless providing impressive technical performance.

With this new Tivida® FL portfolio, EMD has closed the gap in the market between high performance chemistry and high environmental and health standards.
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Bioaccumulation is the challenge – branches the solution


Traditional approach - reducing chaing length

Know how: Tivida® FL for environmentally friendly products with excellent performance

Know how: Tivida® FL for environmentally friendly products with excellent performance
Fluorosurfactants are indispensable additives for paints, coatings and inks. They reduce the surface tension to extreme low levels by their concentration at the liquid-air interface. Fluorosurfactants provide smooth and defect free coatings especially on contaminated surfaces. However, surfactants with more than six perfluorinated carbons in one chain are accumulative in living organism and toxic. This has led to the withdrawal of these long chain fluorosurfactants from the market in Europe and the United States.

Attempts with surfactants based on a single perfluoro chain with 6, 4 or 2 carbon atoms didn't provide the expected breakthrough – they indeed had a better environmental profile but were however less effective.


New approach by EMD - short branched chains

Know how: Tivida® FL for environmentally friendly products with excellent performance
Several short C2 chains 
Research at EMD has abandoned the idea of a linear model – and found the solution in a branched structure for Tivida® FL. In contrast to traditional fluorosurfactants, each molecule contains several very short chain perfluoro alkyl groups yielding  a  branched structure which is connected to the hydrophilic moiety with rigid spacers. With multiple advantages for smooth and defect free surfaces: 
  • The structural design promotes a very high packing density of the hydrophobic groups at the liquid-air interface – and reduces the static surface tension to extremely low values.
  • Due to the branching, the diffusion rate of such molecules is higher leading to positive effects on the dynamic surface tension.
  • Whereas linear surfactants tend to stabilize foam lamellae, the branched structures of Tivida® FL reduce the foam formation – for even more smoothness and gloss.

But for all that, the most important advantage is: Tivida® FL has excellent environmental properties – it is non-toxic and will not bioaccumulate. Therefore all products of the Tivida® FL series can be used for formulations according to the requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel (4.3 Floor Care Products) and the EU Ecolabel (Paints and Coatings).

For details on the special features of each product of the Tivida® FL family see Products.

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For every application just the right product

Tivida® FL – more luster and smoothness for coatings, inks and floors 
Excellent performance and environmental profiles are the unique properties of all three fluorosurfactants of the Tivida® FL family. But each of them has its own particular advantages.


Improved leveling, less foam, and excellent environmental properties

Multiple benefits of Tivida® FL
The multiple benefits of the Tivida® FL family are their special functions distinguishing them from linear C6 fluorosurfactants – for undisturbed glossy surfaces.

Improved leveling

Improved leveling

Tivida® FL enhances the gloss of coatings, prints and floors with excellent leveling performance. White light interferometry confirms perception: A concentration of 0.01 % of Tivida® FL 2300 in a water based polyacrylate emulsion is already sufficient to reduce surface defects in the size of 1-10 mm.
Less foam

Less foam

Linear fluorosurfactants enhance foaming behavior by their tendency to stabilize the foam lamellae. Tivida® FL reduces foam formation with its branched structure – for even smoother paints and shinier surfaces.

For verification the foaming behavior of Tivida® FL 2300 was tested in a water based acrylic melamine coatings system using the Tego Foam Test (ASTM D1173-53). Three 50 ml samples of paint were stirred for one minute at 2300 rpm: without fluorosurfactants, with linear C6 fluorosurfactants and with branched Tivida® FL 2300. Afterwards the height of 45 g of the stirred paint was measured with a graduated cylinder. The result is obvious: Paint with Tivida® FL 2300 has a significantly smaller volume compared to paint with linear fluorosurfactants. It can be expected that this will result in improved processing properties of the paint – and far less defects in the final coatings layer.

The excellent recoatability of varnishes with Tivida® FL 2300 was tested with a Cross Cut Test of a typical automotive OEM coating.

Intercoat adhesion and recoatability

High concentrations of a fluorosurfactant can diminish the intercoat adhesion. The excellent recoatability of varnishes with Tivida® FL 2300 was tested with a Cross Cut Test of a typical automotive OEM coating: Even with high concentrations of Tivida® FL 2300 in a waterborne base coat system the surface remained firm and produced clear cutting contours.
Look to the expertise of our specialists to find out how you can make use of these advantages of Tivida® FL for your individual coatings system and application.


Environmentally friendly

Before being launched to the market, the Tivida® FL familiy was thoroughly tested with respect to its environmental impact. The following parameter show that Tivida® FL are amongst the most environmentally friendly fluorosurfactants on the market.
Toxicological TestTest MethodTest Result
Skin irritation (in vitro)OECD 439Not irritating
Eye irritation (in vitro)OECD 437Not irritating
Skin sensitization (LLNA)OECD 429Not sensitizing
Acute oral toxicityOECD 423No adverse effects found (tested up to 2000 mg/kg bodyweight)
Acute inhalation toxicityOECD 403No lethality occurred (tested up to 5.5 mg/l air)
28-day subacute oral toxicityOECD 407No observed adverse effect level (NOAEL): 1000 mg/kg body weight
Gene mutation test in bacteria (Ames)OECD 471Negative (no signs for mutagenicity)
Micronucleus (in vitro; screening)OECD 487Negative (no signs for mutagenicity)
BiodegradabilityOECD 301FNot ready biodegradable
Acute immobilization test in Daphnia magnaOECD 20248 h EC50 > 100 mg/l (nominal concentration)
Algae growth inhibition testOECD 20172 h EC50 > 100 mg/l (nominal concentration)
Acute fish toxicity testOECD 20396 h LC50 > 100 mg/l (nominal concentration) 
Bioaccumulation in fish (screening)OECD 305Not bioaccumulative, Bioconcentration Factor: 20*
*Bioaccumulation is tested via the bioconcentration factor in aquatic species. According regulation EC/1907/2006, Annex XIII, a substance is defined bioaccumulative in case the bioaccumulation factor is higher than 2000.

How to correctly apply Tivida® FL, in order to fully utilize its functions, depends on the desired result and the system you are using. For your individual application-specific information please use the menu item on the right to contact us.