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Tivida® AS 1010 – Innovative additive increases the scratch resistance of coatings for the automotive industry

Longlasting unadulterated Gloss

Scratch resistance with Tivida® AS 1010 – for resilient and more flexible coatings
Small everyday scratches let high-gloss surfaces quickly become lackluster and appear old. The coating additive Tivida® AS 1010 makes them more scratch resistant, durable and flexible at the same time. Scratches that can already occur through simple wiping over the surface can be avoided or significantly minimized. AS stands for AntiScratch – the secret of this scratch resistance lies in the special structure of the additive.

Tiny particles – maximum effect
To date the use of nanoparticles in coating systems was problematic, since they develop a strong tendency towards agglomeration and thus make it a challenge to achieve the right particle size in the application media. The consequence of these agglomerations were dull coatings, reduced effectiveness or higher viscosity. Smallest particles of Tivida® AS 1010 change the structure of the binding agent in the coating system. The result are improved binder networks in the coating: And high-gloss, solvent-based 2K polyurethane coatings look new for longer. 

Twofold strong structure
The ingenious structure of the innovative core-shell nanoparticle is behind its effectiveness: It consists of inorganic SiO2 nanoparticles that are embedded in a covalent polymer shell with OH functionalities. This enables a perfect binding of the additive to the functional groups of diverse binding agents in coating systems: The additive can be perfectly incorporated into the composition of the binding agent, thus changing its structure.

With a dual effect: The solvent-based 2K polyurethane coating system becomes 
  • harder – through the nanoparticles themselves
  • more elastic – because their polymer shells develop cross-links with the binding agent
Demonstration of the improved scratch resistance of a Tivida® AS treated PU clear coating - left element without Tivida® AS, right element with Tivida® AS
Tivida® AS 1010 can simply be stirred into the coating system. No high shear forces or additional dispersants are needed. Gloss, transparency and chemical resistance of the coating system remain unaffected.

The additive cross-links with the binding agent throughout the whole product and develops its unique protecting power at addition rates as low as 1-2,5 %. Thus the intended scratch resistance stays as long as the object is in use. With Tivida® AS 1010 it is now possible to protect high-gloss surfaces, such as those found with most clear coatings in the automotive industry or in high value wood coatings, for much longer than before against minor everyday scratches.
The advantages of Tivida® AS 1010 for high-gloss solvent-based 2K polyurethane coating systems:
  • Scratch protection through increased hardness and more flexibility of the coating
  • Easy to incorporate – No high shear forces or additional dispersants needed
  • No negative effect on gloss, transparency or chemical resistance of the coating
  • Significantly improved scratch protection at concentrations as low as 1-2.5 %
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