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For superb designs using powder coating: effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials

For Superb Designs using Powder Coating: Effect Pigments from EMD Performance Materials

Effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials offer a multitude of ways to create high-quality designs for interior and exterior powder coatings applications. Whether for automotive, architectural, or general industrial applications, their use in coating formulations gives manufacturers numerous technical as well as commercial advantages.

The impression of natural metals
Architects and industrial designers are more often specifying effect powder coatings. EMD Performance Materials effect pigments for powder coating applications can be used to give the impression of natural metals such as gold, silver, copper or aluminium, making products more attractive and enhancing their value.

Easy to use products producing top-quality finishes
Users appreciate the technical advantages they can gain from using our effect pigments, which are easy to use and create a top-quality finish. They are just as suitable for simple dry blends as for the premium bonding process. Our weather treated pigments have excellent performance characteristics including weather durability in all types of environments.