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For plastic coatings with that extra appeal: pigments from EMD Performance Materials

For Plastic Coatings with that Extra Appeal: Pigments from EMD Performance Materials

An exclusive and appealing approach makes all the difference – in consumer electronics, in home appliances, and in automotive and aircraft interiors. With pigments from EMD Performance Materials, manufacturers of plastic coatings are able to satisfy the market’s craving for the latest trends and stylings. They make exclusive or futuristic product designs a reality. Our product range includes decorative pigments along with pigments that offer additional technical benefits: e. g. enables the Minatec® family of functional pigments plastics to be prepared for electrostatic coating.

Top quality for indoor and outdoor applications
From a gentle shimmer to a vigorous sparkle and for distinctive finishes achieved on plastic objects, EMD Performance Materials has created an entire world of effect pigments. Xirallic®, Pyrisma®, Colorstream®, Iriodin® and Miraval® deliver a multitude of styling possibilities for creating a unique finish to underline the function of an electronic device, for instance, and make it stand out from other devices on the market. Our effect pigments combine high performance with top-notch quality and color stability. Specially surface treated pigments are available for products destined to be used outdoors. These types are also suitable for items that are used indoors but are exposed to increased humidity levels or mechanical stress, such as furniture or electrical appliances normally located in kitchens and bathrooms.

Effects and functionality in automobile construction
Plastic coatings are being used more and more in automotive applications. Decorative pigments from EMD Performance Materials can be used to good effect in internal and external automotive components and are useful in particular for creating lavish automotive interiors. With our functional pigments we are supporting the trend towards increased use of plastic components in the bodywork of automobiles. Our conductive pigments are instrumental in the production of light-colored conductive primers for plastic automotive components. These can then be painted electrostatically – in the same color as the surrounding metallic compo-nents. We call these pigments Minatec®. The automotive coatings as well as plastic coatings for electrostatic application can then also be given that extra something with effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials.