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    Meoxal® - the new luminous metal effect pigments


    Meoxal® Taklamakan Gold – like the colorplay of a sand desert


    Meoxal® Taklamakan Gold from the Meoxal® effect pigment series

Meoxal® Taklamakan Gold – Like the Colorplay of a Sand Desert

“Desert Colors” is the first product line in the new family of Meoxal® effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials – inspired by the timeless beauty of the desert.

Meoxal® Taklamakan Gold follows Meoxal® Wahiba Orange as the second effect pigment in this line. It is named after the Chinese Taklamakan Desert, the second largest sand desert in the world. With its rich, brilliant gold tone and radiating glittery finish, Meoxal® Taklamakan Gold reflects the varied plays of color of shifting sand dunes that characterize this unique region. 

Thanks to the special “CWT” surface treatment, Meoxal® Taklamakan Gold is perfectly suited for innumerable high--performance applications. Developed for automotive coatings, Meoxal® Taklamakan Gold also fulfills the high requirements of plastic coatings and other demanding applications. The use of Meoxal® Taklamakan Gold in waterborne coating systems is particularly straightforward because of the elimination of additional passivation.

Meoxal® Taklamakan Gold is a first-class effect pigment. Its coloristic characteristics, outstanding performance and versatile combination possibilities with other absorption and effect pigments add a new dimension to your styling spectrum.