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    Meoxal® - the new luminous metal effect pigments


    Meoxal® Atacama Red - inspired by dry and intense red sands


    Meoxal® Atacama Red - high durability for extreme weather conditions

Meoxal® Atacama Red – Inspired by the Intense Red Sands of Atacama

Meoxal® luminous metal effect pigments are the result of continuous research for new pigment technologies at EMD Performance Materials. The brilliant effect is a combination of well-known substrate layering with metal oxides, new flake technology and innovative and patented intermediate layering know-how. The desert color Atacama Red is part of the Meoxal® product family, our new brand for effect pigments, based on aluminum silver dollar flakes. Its outstanding performance and versatile application possibilities make Meoxal® Atacama Red an effect pigment in a class of its own and impresses with its brilliant color saturation and luminous slightly sparkling finish.

Special Features
  • High brilliance with outstanding saturation
  • Elegant sparkle effects of individual particles
  • Easy to use = usually no additional passivation process in waterborne systems necessary
  • Optimized particle size distribution for coatings
  • High performance also in waterborne coatings
  • Good shelf life
Meoxal® F121-51 CWT Atacama Red is supplied as paste, consisting of carbitol and 79 % pigment. CWT stands for “Carbitol and Weather Treated” and is a specific surface treatment for this new class of pigments. Based on the chemistry of the existing
toolbox concept it fulfills especially high demands for outdoor applications such as automotive industry and other high-end paint applications.

The CWT surface treatment improves the incorporation into many paint systems, especially in waterborne systems which is one of our key features. For these paint systems, usually no additional passivation process is required. 
Dispersing the pigment is easy and can be achieved in liquid systems using a dissolver, however a circumferential speed of 4 m/s should not be exceeded. Triple roller mills, bead mills or other machinery with high shear forces should not be used. Pre-wetting the pigment with solvent is recommended to avoid agglomeration. The well dispersed pigment shows excellent storage stability.

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