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Minatec® – for conductive surfaces and shorter drying times

Tiny Particles with Wide-Ranging Effects

With its special physical properties, EMD Performance Materials' family of functional pigments offers a wide range of added benefits for paints and coatings. Minatec® – tiny, almost invisible particles with a big effect.

Some products in our portfolio of functional pigments are characterized by particular conductivity, combined with a light particle color. They are e. g. employed in anti-static floor coatings, where carbon black would lead to dark color hues. They are also suitable for light, conductive primers used to prepare plastic surfaces for electrostatic application. The light particle color is also beneficial for the application of another product from the Minatec® series: it significantly decreases the drying time of light coatings when dried by infrared radiation. Again another member of the Minatec® family reflects the infrared radiation emitted by the sun. This unique property comes into its own in the glass of greenhouses and sunrooms: the space is sunny and stays cool at the same time.

EMD Performance Materials' multifaceted product portfolio offers you a wide range of added benefits with the following families:

  • Minatec® CM  – These conductive pigments with a light particle color are suited to the formulation of conductive and light coatings. Their main industrial application is in anti-static flooring and conductive primers.
  • Minatec® 230 A-IR – This infrared-absorbent, light gray pigment improves the IR absorption of light coatings and significantly reduces their drying time. The result is to allow greater production capacity with lower energy costs.
  • Minatec® 870 TCP – In the glass of greenhouses and sunrooms, Minatec® 870 TCP allows through the visible sunlight while reflecting most of the solar infrared. The result: rooms which are light and remain cool at the same time.