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Effect pigments

Effect Pigments - For a world full of Joy

Our effect pigments make the world a colorful place. Be it in effect coatings that we meet in automobile construction, architecture, entertainment electronics of in attractive and product-related packaging design. Another application field are in plastics that are omnipresent in our daily lives In packaging, household items, toys or entertainment electronics. Effect pigments make the products more appealing, are a factor of individualization and help to distinguish and refine almost every surface, even ceramics.

To do this our Pigments are as versatile as their application fields. Intensive blues, reds, golds and oranges belong to the portfolio as well as subtle interference effects and elegant silver-whites and greys. We have created an entire world of products with a unique variety of color, luster, glitter and shimmer effects. Equipped with special features for different applications the colors of the rainbow are available for all.