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For conductive floorings: pigments from EMD Performance Materials

For Conductive Floorings: Pigments from EMD Performance MaterialsChemicals

EMD Performance Materials sells products from the Iriotec® range for the manufacture of conductive, antistatic floor coverings. These light-colored pigments offer numerous advantages including controlled electrostatic conduction of electrical charge. They are particularly suited for use in light- and brightly-colored floor coverings, and are being used increasingly in applications where the black color of conductive carbon black is found unattractive or incompatible.

Controlled conduction of electric charge
Iriotec® pigments are easy to incorporate into floorings. Their substrates are coated with antimony-doped tin oxide and permit the controlled electrostatic conduction of electrical charge. The achievable surface resistances are in the order of 104 to 109 ohm. Light-colored antistatic floorings are used, for instance, in facilities producing electronic components that have to be protected against uncontrolled electrostatic discharge. They are also used in general production plants, warehouses, clean rooms and hospitals as well as in explosion-proofed production and laboratory areas.

Iriotec® for Laminate
For the transparent coating of laminate flooring EMD Performance Materials experts have developed Iriotec®. This enables a conductive surface coating to be created whereby the colors and texture of light-colored materials are largely maintained.