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„effekte“ – Innovations, colors and trends

„effekte“ – Innovations, Colors and Trends

In our customer magazine “effekte” published twice a year, we introduce you to new products, trends, application examples and interesting facts from the effect pigments market.
To give you an immediate impression of the exceptional quality and uniqueness of our pigments, the pages of this magazine shine with the radiance of various effect pigments.

Let yourself be inspired and learn about the exciting world of effects.

Excerpt from the current issue of effekte 2/2011: 

  • Make yourself comfortable at home: How interior design reflects our personality
    When it rains and storms outside, our instinct is to retreat to our homey living rooms. But what’s to be done when the world climate changes? Or globalization blows like a harsh wind into our daily life? The reactions are similar: many people withdraw to their personal space. A trend known several years ago as “cocooning,” that is, holing up. Today the term “homing” applies better: social contacts are maintained, one stays active, although in the domestic arena, and designs it accordingly.

    Individual life plans are also reflected in equally individual interiors. People experiment with new colors, new effects and new materials. The time of modernistic black-white contrasts is over. Instead of following brands and off-the-shelf solutions, consumers are taking the design of their environment
    into their own hands. The result: a mix of old and new, high-tech and handmade, digital and analog. In this way elements from various cultures, religions and philosophies find common ground. In the process, design plays just as important a role as function and sustainability.

    The ideal partner for the distinctive design of one’s own home: effect pigments. They turn conventional walls and furniture into unique pieces that really deserve to be part of our personal spaces. A wall, for example, that shines or shimmers suddenly appears lively and light. We bring nature into our home with glittering effects. And even the dynamic of the digital world is no longer confined to the virtual space. Through color, light and variety of effect pigments it moves in with us.
  • From “G” like glittery to “S” like silky: Our new powder coating color card is available
    In order to ascertain what “translucent” means, you simply can look it up in the dictionary. If you want to know where Guinea Bissau is located, page through an atlas. And if you’re searching for the ideal effect pigment for your powder coating? You naturally turn to the new EMD Performance Materials powder coating color card. With a selection of 24 effect pigments, the new reference material gives you a quick overview of our comprehensive portfolio in powder coating applications.
  • All functional pigments now under the new umbrella brand Iriotec®: Let’s get together and be as one
    We are combining our entire range of functional pigments and uniting Lazerflair®, Micabs® and Solarflair® under the new umbrella brand Iriotec®. An example: what was previously known as Lazer flair® 825 will be called Iriotec® 8825 in the future. This will make it easier to find the best product for your applications. 
  • On black, on white and in color: The new EMD Performance Materials Color Card for Print and Plastic Applications
    80 pigments, five color groups, one color card. That adds up to a lot of information and inspiration for
    print and plastic applications. We have clearly organized them in our new color card.

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