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„Moving Effects“ from EMD Performance Materials on the European Coatings Show 2013

EMD Performance Materials at the European Coatings Show 2013: Moving Effects

Visit EMD Performance Materials at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg. From March 19-21, 2013, come to Hall 1, stand 616 and experience our latest innovations and their effectful use in a variety of product worlds. With the theme "Moving Effects", our 180 square meter stand will show you how the sparkle, shine and glitter of effect pigments can move people and catch their attention - both today and in the future.
Pyrisma® M40-58 SW Ambercup Orange

Pyrisma® M40-58 SW Ambercup Orange – New Effects for Automobiles, Architecture, and Lifestyle

Pyrisma® M40-58 SW Ambercup Orange is our new effect pigment for innovative automotive design. Red, orange and brown are the new trend colors in the automotive market. We will show you how Pyrisma® M40-58 SW Ambercup Orange's high degree of color saturation and purity interacts with other pigments to create novel orange variations and attractive brown, red, or gold shades for automotive coatings. In architectural applications, too, this particularly weather-resistant effect pigment enables innovative designs in powder coatings and dispersion paints.

Iriodin® – New Variations on a Classic

Come see for yourself the effects created by Iriodin® 9103 PC L Rutile Sterling Silver and Iriodin® 9119 PC L Polar White, two effect pigments developed especially for the powder coatings market. Furthermore, you can explore the variety of the new Iriodin® Icy White product line as well.

Iriodin® 9103 PC L Rutile Sterling Silver is a world innovation that you can experience at the European Coatings Show. This silver pigment is being debuted there as a powder coating applied to an undulating statue that illustrates the pigment's potential. Its metallic appearance and particular brightness can make the facades of entire buildings shine. The new Iriodin® PC L effect pigments are simple to use, in both dry blend and bonding applications. Also in interior spaces, they imbue sophisticated designer objects with a refined appearance.

The blue-white hues of Iriodin® Icy White evoke the freshness and purity of newly fallen snow. Based on a synthetic substrate, this product line lends electronic devices, painted furniture, and interior walls the modern, fresh gleam of a winter day - from a refined shimmer to an icy white.


Innovations from Tivida® and Minatec®

Tivida® FL-2300-30 is an innovative, new paint and coating additive. This new “High-Speed Fluorosurfactant” from EMD Performance Materials reduces the surface tension of coatings exceptionally fast to low levels, preventing surface defects efficiently. Due to its branched structure with short fluoroalkyl groups, Tivida® FL 2300-30 provides an excellent balance of performance and eco-toxicological properties.

Minatec® 42 CM is EMD Performance Materials' functional innovation for the automotive sector. This new functional pigment is especially well suited for light primers that can be used to prepare plastic add-on components such as bumpers or side mirrors for electrostatic coating. The light-colored, conductive pigment can furthermore be added to light or colored coatings to protect flooring from electric charges in cleanrooms, labs, clinics, or production facilities for electronic parts.


EMD Performance Materials Color Inspirations – Looking into the Future

The world is becoming more colorful. Trend researchers have identified a shift from uniformity to individualization. Consumers prefer mass-produced products with a custom design. In collaboration with partners, EMD Performance Materials has responded to this trend by developing color inspirations for the three main sectors of the consumer goods industry. Join us at the European Coatings Show for a creative look into the future of design for automotive coatings, consumer electronics, and automotive interiors.

At every Turn, Effect Pigments make Everyday Life Special

At every turn, EMD Performance Materials' stand at the European Coatings Show demonstrates how effect pigments turn mundane objects into something special  - in complete harmony with our theme of  "Moving Effects".

You will hardly be able to miss the Audi Q3 at our stand. Its sporty urban design is emphasized by the Daytona Grey Pearl Effect combined with Xirallic® Crystal Silver. Digital cameras and bike frames demonstrate how effect pigments upgrade everyday objects. It is even worth taking a closer look at the booth's structure itself: its wooden and stone flooring displays a Colorstream® travel effect from turquoise to silver to metallic red. The exterior walls are covered by coil panels that the company 3A Composites coated using paints from Becker Industrial Coatings. Red Brass merges red and gold, while Sakura unveils the beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms. The unusual wall treatment features glass decorations from Evans Atelier, and the stairway to the stand's second floor features powder-coated walls from IGP Pulvertechnik.

But seeing is believing - come to the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, and join EMD Performance Materials today in exploring the effect-filled world of tomorrow.