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Iriodin® and co. – variety of effects for premium design

Iriodin® and Co. – Variety of Effects for Premium Design

It all started with Iriodin®: EMD Performance Materials' experts successfully produced this groundbreaking classic effect pigment in the 1960s, giving coating manufacturers an innovative new design tool. We are still developing it today, and the number of color design options has increased significantly in all areas of application. And we haven’t stopped yet: We have put over 50 years of experience into developing new generations of decorative effect pigments, allowing manufacturers to lend a contemporary and high quality appearance to a wide range of products. Our multifaceted product portfolio can meet the most unusual of requirements in color and effect designs and sets new styling trends.

Effects add value and positioning
The market is increasingly demanding coatings which allow high quality, refined and custom product design while also highlighting the product's function. With color, luster, glitter and shimmer effects, EMD Performance Materials effect pigments add value to products in a unique way allowing manufacturers and their products to stand out from the competition and position themselves with extraordinary looks.

Reliable expert application advice
The production of exclusive effect coatings presents a particular challenge for the coating industry. EMD Performance Materials offers its customers expert and reliable application advice so that they in turn can meet their customer's expectations. Our experts have the expertise and the wide range of products to give every coating precisely the special effect which makes it something special for the desired application. Pigment preparations are also available for the development of special solutions.

In EMD Performance Materials' varied product portfolio, you will find the right decorative pigment for a wide range of effects:

  • Xirallic® -  color-intensive crystal effect pigments characterized by a very intense glitter effect with distinctive shimmer behavior.
  • Pyrisma®  – pearl effect pigments with the highest color saturation. The high-performance pigment family is characterized by an even texture and optimized grain size distribution.
  • Colorstream®  – multicolor effect pigments that display impressive color transitions depending on the viewing angle.
  • Iriodin®  – effects from silver-white to interference up to gold and silver metallic luster. Due to the different particle size distributions, the optical effect of the pearlescent effect pigments ranges from silky to glittery.
  • Miraval®  – color-intensive transparent effect pigments. The optical advantages of the highly-reflective glitter effect pigments are their extraordinary luster and high level of brilliance andtransparency.
  • Biflair®  – silky silver luster effect pigments which create intense silky matte effects with silver-white particles.

Most pigments in the Xirallic®, Pyrisma® Colorstream®, Iriodin® and Miraval® families are also available as weather-stable varieties.