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Iriodin® PC L: Innovative, metallic effects in powder coatings

Iriodin® PC L: Innovative, Metallic Effects in Powder Coatings

Iriodin® PC L is the new generation of products developed by EMD Performance Materials for powder coatings. Its innovative, metallic effects are unique. Due to their extraordinary leafing behavior, the pigments develop a special brightness, even at low concentrations – while exhibiting an unchanged wear resistance. The Iriodin® PC L pigments offer furthermore all the benefits of pearlescent pigments in powder coating applications and pass GSB tests such as the mortar test.

In architecture, Iriodin® PC L opens up a whole variety of new uses for long-lasting pearl effects. These innovative, premium effects can also be produced in powder coatings for furniture, industrial design and many other applications.

The new product generation currently includes the silver pigments Iriodin® 9103 PC L Rutile Sterling Silver and Iriodin® 9119 PC L Polar White.