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For Unique Paints and Coatings: Pigments from EMD Performance Materials

In automobile construction, architecture, entertainment electronics or objects for daily use – today, we meet effect coatings and paints wherever we go. They protect surfaces and contribute significantly to the design and attractiveness of the product. EMD Performance Materials has developed a comprehensive product portfolio with a large number of decorative and functional pigments for effective paints and coatings for interior and exterior applications.

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Decorative pigments underline effective functional benefits
As one of the world's most successful providers of effect pigments, EMD Performance Materials has created an entire world of products with a unique variety of color, luster, glitter and shimmer effects. In automobile coatings, powder coatings, dispersion paints and many other application options, they add value to a wide range of products. They underline their functional benefits and distinguish them from the rest of the wide range of goods. Special additional coating layers give our pigments outstanding weather resistance – for automotive paints and facade coatings with lasting brilliance and color intensity.

Functional pigments with additional benefits
EMD Performance Materials` product portfolio also includes functional Iriotec® pigments with conductive and heat-reflecting properties to make production processes easier.

The perfect pigment for your requirements
Our experts are constantly developing new pigment generations in order to pick up on new trends in color and effect styling. With innovative effects, they set new trends in paints and coatings. In this, we combine high product quality with outstanding individual customer service – so that you receive the perfect pigment for your requirements.

For top-quality coatings: pigments from EMD Performance Materials


Decorative and functional pigments from EMD Performance Materials can be used in a wide variety of coating applications. They give that special “something” to all types of applications large and small.  Decorative and functional pigments offer unique ways to help you make your product stand out from others in the market by giving it a high-quality design and greater visibility. 


Great variety in effect and application
With their multitude of gloss, glitter, multicolor and shimmer effects, EMD Performance Materials effect pigments give that extra touch to building façades and consumer electronic devices and turn both applications into something really special. The pigments are suitable for a whole range of coating applications found in the architectural sphere, such as powder coating, coil coating and dispersion paints, as well as in the automotive industry for interior and exterior applications.  Additionally, they are used to give color and effect to home appliances and consumer electronics. They allow unique designs to be created while at the same time emphasizing the functional aspects of your product. Wood finishes, leather dressings and artist paints, too, take on a completely new look with effect pigments.

Types for interior and exterior use
The outstanding technical features of our pigments allow our experts to respond to your specific requirements and wishes for your current project. While all of our effect pigments are available for interior uses, we also offer a weather treated version for exterior applications as well as other demanding environments

Highly-developed products from EMD Performance Materials for the coating industry


Our versatile product portfolio of decorative pigments contains an inexhaustible spectrum of effects from soft shimmer to spectacular glitter and impressive color transitions. EMD Performance Materials effect pigments allow manufacturers to give their products a contemporary and premium appearance in a wide range of applications. They also fulfill even the most unusual requests for colors and effects and set new trends in stylings. Most product families are also available in surface-treated versions for exterior and particularly demanding interior applications.

The right touch – our know-how for you


Our experts have been conducting research in the world of effect pigments for more than 50 years. With their expertise and outstanding knowledge in effect pigment technology, we are reliable partners for the coating industry. We are constantly developing new pigment generations and covering entire color spaces, as with e. g. the Pyrisma Color Space™  concept. Our specialists are not only involved in developing new products, but also in supporting you, our customers, with advice in how best to employ our pigments. One recent example of our ongoing efforts to add to our customer service is the Gonio-Vision-Box™ .