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For eye-catching automotive coatings: effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials

For Eye-Catching Automotive Coatings: Effect Pigments from EMD Performance Materials

Around 70% of car buyers opt for an effect coating regardless of the color they choose. By using an effect-rich range of colors, automobile manufacturers can set themselves apart from the competition. Pigments from EMD Performance Materials can be used to deliver a large number of optical effects. They satisfy the most rigorous technical requirements and can withstand the toughest wind and weather. 

Trendsetting color suggestions from the experts
First impressions count. Coatings in the automobile industry have more than just a protective function. Their color and appearance are the first things a person notices. Effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials open up a world of styling options – ranging from subtle nuances and silky shimmering and iridescent colors right up to full-on glistening and sparkling effects. The color specialists at EMD Performance Materials are always at the leading edge of fashion with their innovative creations. They set the pattern today for what the design trends will be tomorrow.

Enduring brilliance and color
Environmental factors challenge automotive coatings in a number of ways. Wind, weather, sand and storm leave their mark, as do car washes and the sun’s effects. With their additional surface treatment, EMD Performance Materials’ proprietary range of weather-resistant pigments can deliver what the modern automobile industry needs: lasting brilliance and color constancy. Weather-resistant pigments are available for the Xirallic®, Pyrisma®, Colorstream® and Iriodin® families of products.

The perfect pigment for your automotive coating
For the pigment experts at EMD Performance Materials, technical support is an important issue. Working in association with our Application and Physical Laboratory, our Technical Services Unit can assist you with suggestions for suitable pigment concepts and inspiring styling ideas. Our global presence means you receive the best possible advice.
EMD Performance Materials combines high product quality with excellent individual customer support – enabling you to implement your ideas quickly and easily.

EMD Performance Materials effect pigments give repair coatings, too, lasting brilliance and color constancy.