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Right Mix


Are you a natural born problem solver?
Known for spotting unmet needs and figuring out ingenious ways to meet them?
Welcome to EMD Performance Materials.

We’re looking for talent with a dual passion for science and business, who are interested in collaborating with scientists and customers to build innovative and exciting new market solutions.

In Research at EMD, we pride ourselves on innovation, scientific excellence, and the highest level of ethical standards.

In Development, we are driving the up-scaling process of new products and their integration into production.
Our day-to-day activities require an excellent understanding of the technical indicators, great enthusiasm for new ideas and a high skill set in communication with research, production, sales and marketing and the laboratory staff.

Opportunities in Science Functions typically include:

  • Research Scientists (Technicians and Engineers)
  • Manager in Advanced Technologies
  • Process/Product Development
  • Application Engineers
  • Processing Technologies
  • Technical Services Representatives

Expertise in:

  • Chemistry organic /inorganic
  • Biochemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Bioinformatics / Cheminformatics
  • Physics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biotechnology


  • Bachelor, Master or PhD Degree in Life Sciences or Engineering
  • Practical experience in a chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical or regulated industry
  • Good communication skills