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Candurin® Red Sparkle

Candurin® Red Sparkle – Burgundy Red, Glittering and Mineral-Based

“Love at first sight” is the motto that EMD Performance Materials is using to present Candurin® Red Sparkle, a burgundy red, glittering pearl effect color with which EMD Performance Materials is expanding its range of pearl effect colors for the food industry. Due to its large particle size, Candurin® Red Sparkle makes ice cream, chocolate, baked goods, and beverages glitter brilliantly, lending them an irresistible look. This gives food manufacturers many ways to differentiate their products.

Candurin® Red Sparkle is based on natural silicate and iron oxide and is thus a non-artificial colorant like the other mineral-based Candurin® pearl effect colors. This enables formulators, food manufacturers and marketers to use the “no artificial colors” claim. In addition, in contrast to other red, natural colorants, Candurin® Red Sparkle has exceptional thermal, light and pH stability. Due to these properties, Candurin® Red Sparkle is ideally suited for effectively replacing insoluble red food colorants.