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Pearl it!

Pearl it!

Tempting red, glamorous gold, cool silver: EMD Performance Materials' pearl effect colors Candurin® Red Sparkle, Candurin® Gold Sparkle and Candurin® Silver Sparkle give food an irresistible new appearance. Chocolates, pastries, fruit gums, candies, ice cream, toppings, drinks, and more – all take on brilliant glam and glitter with EMD Performance Materials’ sparkling colors. Their special particle size distribution gives products new spark to delight the eye and rise above competition.

The three sparkling colors complement EMD Performance Materials' award-winning palette of distinctive Candurin® pearl effect colors to be seen at this year’s EMD Performance Materials booth. The mineral, non-artificial colorants are based on natural silicate. They are produced according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and meet stringent international food, beverage and drug safety standards. They can be applied in a wide variety of ways and benefit from both an excellent light and thermal stability. With their outstanding performance, Candurin® pearl effect colors help you design and refine innovative products.
So how can EMD Performance Materials' pigments enhance your confectionery? Get in touch and find out! Learn at this year’s booth how you can use Candurin® pearl effect colors to create inspiring and sophisticated pastry decoration. We look forward to meeting you at ProSweets soon (Hall 10.1 E, Booth 45).

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