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EMPROVE® your qualification process

EMPROVE® raw materials combine superior product quality and usage-specific documentation
Your benefits at a glance

  • First-class quality and comprehensive documentation
  • Faster time to market
  • Lower cost

Creating the documentation for your pharmaceutical products on your own can be costly and time-consuming. We have a tailored solution: EMPROVE®.

EMPROVE® – documentation ready to use
From EMD Performance Materials you rightly expect products meeting the highest quality standards. But our EMPROVE® product lines of raw materials offer even more: They help you to obtain the documentation you need, get the necessary approvals, and bring your products to market faster than ever. Comprehensive EMPROVE® dossiers provide detailed, usage-specific documentation on a growing range of pharmaceutical raw materials – for more safety as well as considerable savings of time and costs.

Depending on your application, these EMPROVE® dossiers contain, for example, information on the manufacturing process, the test methods used, purity, or stability data. EMD Performance Materials' EMPROVE® portfolio comprises the following product lines:

  • EMPROVE® exp: For use as excipient 
  • EMPROVE® bio: For biopharmaceutical production 
  • EMPROVE® api: For use as an active pharmaceutical ingredient

Make your products even safer with EMPROVE®!
EMPROVE® dossiers contain all the information you need to ensure the safest formulations. As a matter of course, they are backed by EMD Performance Materials’ reputation for uncompromising reliability and safety – so you can be certain that your documentation is comprehensive. You benefit from EMD Performance Materials' proven expertise and avoid potential error sources of manual documentation.

Achieve faster time to market with EMPROVE®!
The faster you launch your product, the sooner it can turn a profit. But regulatory requirements keep getting tighter, and more and more details on the raw materials used have to be documented. EMPROVE® dossiers give you instant access to the required information – professionally prepared and in a clear, internationally accepted format (CTD).

Become more cost-effective with EMPROVE®!
Using our professional dossiers, you don’t need to develop test methods, evaluate stability data, or perform time-consuming searches for manufacturing details yourself anymore. This way you can greatly reduce your workload and costs and considerably speed up your qualification and registration processes.

Available EMROVE® dossiers
In order to give you quick and easy access to the specific data you need, we offer several dossiers depending on your application. For EMPROVE® exp and EMPROVE® bio materials, a basic dossier is available free of charge on the EMD Performance Materials4pharma web portal. In addition, partial dossiers on analytical procedure and stability data as well as a complete dossier can be ordered individually or as a set. For active pharmaceutical ingredients, we provide access to ASMF, DMF, or CEP.
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