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Candurin for Pharma

Candurin® - Mineral Pearl Effect Colors

The coloration of solid drug forms is a generally accepted and effective way to prevent medication errors and to increase the safety of drug use. Mineral Candurin® pearl effect colors play an important role here. The approved pharmaceutical colors are based on a natural silicate (mica) combined with titanium dioxide and / or iron oxide. A unique and exquisite range is available – from silver and gold and interference up to the iron oxide shades red and bronze. Candurin® is easy to apply in coating systems and widely used for the application in tablets and capsules. Candurin® pearl effect colors are produced according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), undergo stringent EMD Performance Materials quality controls and meet international excipient safety standards. Their application offers sophisticated solutions for product refinement and brand enhancement. The perfect tool for safe and elegant design of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.


Candurin® makes Your Products Unmistakable and Your Brands Distinctive

Good Manufacturing Practice-compliant for safe, silky tablets and capsules
Clearly identifiable medications are essential to the user’s health – both at home and at the hospital. In addition, the ever-expanding market for dietary supplements and nutricosmetics means that manufacturers must offer pharmaceuticals that are distinct and easy on the eye. That’s why we at EMD Performance Materials proudly offer Candurin® pearl effect colors: produced according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), this pigment range is as safe as it is versatile.

The approved pharmaceutical colors are based on natural silicate (mica) combined with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide, Candurin® pearl effect colors boast the same light-refracting properties as real pearls. No wonder Candurin® is such a popular choice among pharmaceutical and dietary supplement formulators.


Safer Medications

In addition to meeting tough GMP standards and undergoing strict quality controls with every batch, Candurin® pearl effect colors boast a number of features that will help you create your safest products yet.

  • Fewer mix-ups: Your customers are far less likely to ingest the wrong medication colored with an eye-catching, unique Candurin®.
  • Safe ingredients: Mineral, non-artificial colors are the backbone of the Candurin® line – with the international excipient safety standards, that means more reliable products.
  • Counterfeiters beware: The wide range of distinct colors available with Candurin® makes illegal manufacturing that much harder.

Extraordinary Color Effects

With Candurin®, you can choose from a rainbow of shining pearl effects. Depending on particle size (from 5 to 150 micron), you can go for a smooth sheen with maximum hiding power, an all-out burst of glitter, or anything in between. And Candurin®’s versatility doesn’t stop there…

  • Beyond color: Pearl effects sell more – studies have shown that users prefer pearlized capsules to ones with conventional matt colors
  • Easy and stable formulations: Use Candurin® on its own or combine it with other colorants
  • Unique products: With Candurin®, you’re free to create extraordinary color effects for your products that users won’t find anywhere else

Candurin®: Safety is EMD Performance Materials’ top priority. To find out more, please download our brochure “Distinctive effects - Candurin® pearl effect colors for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications” (currently unavailable) or contact us for specific coating guidelines. We look forward to hearing from you.


Candurin® - Silver Colors

Candurin® - Silver Colors

EMD Performance Materials Candurin® silver colors are based on mica (E 555) coated with a thin layer of titanium dioxide (E 171). They are available in a variety of particle size distributions, ranging from less than 15 microns to 150 microns. Fine particle size pigments exhibit a satiny sheen and are relatively opaque, whereas with increasing particle size, the pigments are more brilliant, lustrous and transparent. Candurin® is ideally compatible with any other colors.

Candurin® - Interference Colors

Candurin® - Interference Colors

EMD Performance Materials Candurin® interference colors are based on mica (E 555) coated with titanium dioxide (E 171). The characteristic single reflection color of each pigment is an optical effect caused by light interference. Through controlled thickness of the titanium dioxide layer, the colors of the rainbow can be achieved.

Candurin® - Gold Colors  

Candurin® - Gold Colors

EMD Performance Materials’ Candurin® gold colors consist of mica (E 555) coated with titanium dioxide (E 171) and iron oxide (E 172). A selection of gold shades is obtained by varying particle size and the layer thickness of the oxides. Candurin® is ideally compatible with any other colors.

Candurin® - Iron Oxide Colors

Candurin® - Iron Oxide Colors

The Candurin® iron oxide colors are composed of mica (E 555) coated with iron oxide (E 172) where the color effect is determined by the thickness of the iron oxide layer. Different color shades range from bronze to a deep red. The product group is available in particle sizes of 10-60 microns.