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Make your product stand out with Candurin® Gold Sparkle

Candurin® Gold Sparkle - The Golden Temptation

Candurin® Gold Sparkle adds precisely that appealing, eye-catching look that makes your products stand out.

Your benefits:

  • Mineral, non-artificial color
  • Produced according to GMP
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent stability
  • Sophisticated golden pearl effect

Taste the new dimension of glamorous gold with Candurin® Gold Sparkle
Candurin® Gold Sparkle  features an elegant gold effect thanks to its special particle size distribution ranging from 10 to 150 μm. Complementing the existing range of golden Candurin® colors, Candurin® Gold Sparkle has a brilliant glitter that imparts an exquisite and enticing look to chocolates, pastries, fruit gums, candies, ice cream, toppings, and beverages. This offers high potential for innovative product design and differentiation.

Use Candurin® Gold Sparkle to create inspiring and sophisticated food concepts!
The mineral, non-artificial color is based on natural silicate combined with titanium dioxide and iron oxide. Candurin® Gold Sparkle is produced according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and meets stringent international food, beverage and drug safety standards. Candurin® Gold Sparkle can easily be added to most formulations, even those containing other colors. The excellent stability of Candurin® Gold Sparkle helps you to formulate products that are not only dazzling, but also reliable.