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Candurin Award
Candurin Award

Innovation and Excellence: EMD's Cornerstones of Success

The first to bring pearlescent pigments to food and pharma

EMD has a strong reputation as an innovator in pearlescent pigments.

As one of the most experienced providers in the market, we have leveraged our vast experience in manufacturing pearlescent pigments for other applications and are pleased to provide the safe and high quality Candurin® product line for food and pharmaceutical applications. The unique quality of the Candurin® pearl effect colors has been recognized by the renowned consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, whose 2011 Global Food Colors Product Differentiation Excellence Award was presented to EMD in response to Candurin® excelling in terms of the following attributes: unique product features and functionality, quality and complexity, customization of product offering, matching target markets needs and promoting brand perception of the product’s uniqueness.

EMD's Candurin® facilities are GMP certified. Based on the composition and properties, Candurin® pearl effect colors are non-allergenic, and available with a complete set of all relevant regulatory documents as well as usage directions and labeling instructions. The inherent stability of Candurin® under a range of storage and process conditions  (e.g. pH, temperature, and light) represents an advantage in food and pharmaceutical applications and is underlined by Candurin®’s  five-year shelf life. Additionally, the Kosher and Halal certification for Candurin® helps address local restrictions and enhances customer acceptance worldwide.