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Performance Materials develops innovative high-tech chemicals for sophisticated applications in Automotive.

These include liquid crystals and OLEDs for displays, effect pigments for coatings, specialty chemicals for the semiconductor industry, and functional materials for solar panels, just to name a few of them. The Automotive Platform has been established to combine the activities of Performance Materials for the automotive industry under one roof. Addressing the needs of the automotive industry in a coordinated approach providing a clear contact and go-to-point will enable breakthrough innovation from the beginning of the value chain.


MICC – Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany's Intelligent Concept Car

Inspired by our broad portfolio and activities for the automotive industry, we decided to design our own concept car. Influenced by historical classics our car glides like an airship, elegant like a historical carriages but equipped with all features and technologies addressing future mobility challenges. Packed in an athletic and innovative body the concept car shows how our company can support breakthrough innovation in the automotive industry.