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EMD Performance Materials

Performance Materials comprises the entire specialty chemicals business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. The portfolio includes high-tech performance chemicals for applications in fields such as:

We have established ourselves as the global market and technology leader in liquid crystal mixtures. Our company has the broadest product offering in the industry meeting individual customer needs and offering solutions for all display sizes, from smartphones and tablet computers to large-size television screens. Our portfolio also comprises materials that are used in integrated circuits. Furthermore, we develop and market a comprehensive product portfolio of decorative effect pigments and functional materials. The effect pigments are primarily used in automotive and industrial coatings, plastics, printing applications, and cosmetics in order to give products a unique shine. 

We are extending our leading position in innovation
Customers from the sectors consumer electronics, lighting, printing technology, plastics applications and cosmetics make use of materials and solutions from EMD Performance Materials. Thanks to comprehensive investments in research & development, we are constantly extending our leading position as an innovator and reliable partner.

A focus on sustainability
Particularly in light of climate change, high energy prices and current events related to nuclear energy, we are focusing on sustainable materials. Our company is active in the growing markets of energy-saving LEDs for lighting, OLEDs for displays and lighting and materials for clean energies. Here the company is working on innovative photovoltaic materials for technologies that enable solar energy to be used efficiently.


Interested in our fund activities?

Through M-Ventures, our strategic corporate venture capital fund, we invest globally in emerging performance materials companies that develop high-tech chemicals for sophisticated applications. Specialty chemicals, such as liquid crystals for displays, pigments for coating and cosmetics, or high-tech materials for the electronics industry.